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"Die in love and 
  live forever"

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To die in love is to surrender to love, fully, wholly.

So hi! I'm a former engineering industry professional who's worked at sites including NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Rockwell Automation, and Underwriters Laboratories. But I've since grown as an entrepreneur, writer, web developer and creative director, bridging my own divergent experiences to bring people together and create meaningful collaborations in the process. 

I'm quite literally always searching for the magic ~point~ in which art, community and human-centric technologies coalesce. And speaking of magic, did you happen to see the quote up there, the - "Die in love, and live forever" - one? It was written by the 13th century Persian poet, philosopher and mystic known as Rumi. I came across it many years ago and the words immediately (and from then onwards) affected me deeply.

They've become my personal mantra, if you will. To die in love is to surrender to love, fully, wholly. It's to allow for the "death" of the illusion of separateness, of the boundaries we manufacture. Once achieved, that unbound love perpetuates across time and space, unto infinite consciousness...even as our bodies do not. That's the "live forever" part. Quite the interpretation, I know, but it's what I'm choosing to believe. And we can all use a little something to believe in...especially if it's rooted in love.

So YES, come on in! Make yourself at home, get cozy! Feel free to check out my work here, also here, and to get in touch with me here
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