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"We exist temporarily through what we take, but live forever through what we give." 


The quote in red is attributed to Vernon Jordan (while the Desperado poster is just there to be cool) and it rings as true as ever. To that end I've been doing a whoooole lot of giving/creating with intention and good will, a few snapshots of which can be seen in the carousel of images below.


The bulk of my creative output is concentrated in Byas & Leon, an impact-focused creative enterprise I serve as co-owner and creative director to, physically headquartered at our brick-and-mortar in Brooklyn NY. But it is by no means where it ends - I've conceptualized, directed, designed, consulted in regards to and participated in a host of programs, websites (I built this one!) and editorial projects. 

So please peruse! Enjoy! The images below are little snapshots of the aforementioned work. They rotate every few seconds and you can click the images to expand them :)

Orange desperado_edited.jpg
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